Analysis: Pittman lands pair of impact recruits in Jointer and Chamblee


Great news!!

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Awesome… Looking forward to seeing them play

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Boom! that is big news. we are on the way back. with a bullett!


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Just tops off another great Saturday. Need these guys. glad to have them!

Huge gets. Awesome news.

What’s the story on E’Marion Harris? Noticed he was not at the ceremony yesterday. Are we still in good shape with him, or is he looking elsewhere?

E’Marion is one of the quietest and least publicity-seeking great athletes that this state has ever had.

It’s cool, but doesn’t lead to many updates.

I think there are reasons to believe that Arkansas is in good to great shape for him, but no way would I even come close to saying he is a lock or even dub them the definite favorite.

Wasn’t Bama Harris’s first offer as a freshman?

Yes it was

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