Analysis of Arlington tournament from an MLB prospect standpoint

Discussed Wegner, Hagen Smith and Stovall.

The way Wegner is raking is likely to get him taken as an under-slot pick. He’s never been drafted before.

Smith has better velocity this year and enough other pitches to be considered as a pro starter. Could be a first round pick in 2024 if he stays healthy.

Stovall is a hitter first and foremost, but showed some good defensive instincts over the weekend.

Also briefly mentioned the pitching debuts of Wood and Coil.

I don’t subscribe to the Athletic but I really like Wegner,Smith and Stovall, Josenburger too… I was afraid the moment might be too big for wood in front of 20,000 people but he showed how good he could be the next day…
I actually liked Coil right away I can see that he has the opportunity to be very good and I would not be surprised if he gets midweek starts and maybe even weekend.He has had a pretty good preseason…

Check your DMs, Billy.

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