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Great article Dudley. I never realized our lives paralleled each others very closely - like you I grew up in NE Arkansas and worked on the farm for my Dad from age 9. I believe that I’m a little older (born in 1958) than you but our upbringing sounds similar. I knew there was a reason that I have liked you all of these years!

Dudley remembers the sound of a cotton gin and the smell of airmailed fertilizer.

While I decided taking over the family farm was not the direction I wanted to go, which was either journalism or coaching, I treasured my upbringing on the farm, how it grounded me and taught me how to treat folks the right way and respect others and the man it helped me become.

I remain a big advocate for farming issues and have great respect for those who continue that important work these days even as it becomes tougher.

Spot on DD with this post, especially the last paragraph. A lot of farmers are hurting this year with the flooding from this spring. I so appreciate their perseverance thru these kinds of years.

Spent a summer working on a farm in Shoffner, AR. Reported for duty out of shape and after first day could not reach over to pull my boots off because I was cramping so bad. Toughened up quick!

Good experience.