An update on the 2021 schedule

Matt, is there any suggestion that the SEC might go to 36 games or something like that with four-game weekend series, for 2021 only?

I’ve heard the idea floated of as many as 40 SEC games — 10 four-game series. From what I’ve gathered, nothing is concrete.

There are a lot of variables at play. What do other conferences do in terms of scheduling? The Big Ten reportedly isn’t going to allow games against nonconference teams. Will it follow through? Will others follow suit?

The big sticking point right now seems to be uniformed testing of athletes and team personnel. The basketball teams who are playing SEC teams this year had to agree to the same testing protocols as the SEC. I’m guessing baseball teams must agree to do the same.

So there is the possibility of no mid-week games?

I tend to think there will be some midweek games, but maybe not quite as many as in years past. But like I wrote in the story, the hope is to play a normal schedule: 56-game regular season with 30 SEC games.

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