An update on suite and box sales at DWRRS

All suites have been sold and less than a dozen boxes remain for purchase. What Scott Varady has to say about the quick purchases: … d-stadium/

So the Loge boxes can be pre-paid for up to 3 years?

Then is it possible for other season ticket holders to have their crack at one? I’ve been intrigued by the loge box since I first read about them.

If you really want one, call Scott Varady and I bet he will get you fixed up.

Yes, they can be paid for in 1, 2 or 3 year increments. I would call the foundation soon if you’re interested. There were 13 left when I called Scott this morning. He sent me an email a few hours later and said two more were off the board.

I’m not interested right now, I like my current spot. It is a conversation my partner and I have had, but would be a few years down the road. Also would probably take 3 years to convince my wife. May run it by her anyway… :smiley:

Thanks, Matt.

Don’t ask! It is always easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to seek permission.