An so it begins... the Transfer Portal when you don't get to start.

You got me on that one. :smiling_imp:

I was almost afraid to open the post

The same thing happened at Washington last week. I thought it was interesting to hear Urban Meyer say something recently to the effect of, “Teams don’t have such thing as a backup quarterback anymore.”

My much better half, the USC Fan, really dislikes Helton. She can’t wait for him to be gone.

Jeff Monken, coach of my adopted team, his take on transfers…

The transfer portal needs tweaking. I have no problem with kids who graduate making a transfer. I don’t really have a problem when kids transfer after a coaching change. However, I think college football needs to stop this “I’m not getting to start” so I want to quit now & transfer at the earliest opportunity crap.

I agree, it is close to being out of hand already.

IS playing out a little differently than the creators may have anticipated. But I’m not so sure it’s going to become a Pandora’s Box. Eventually there’ll be enough data out there that will show that those who fail to get the starting job at one school don’t fare much better after they transfer. (Our last 2 QB transfer-outs as examples.)

I agree the transfer portal needs some work or it will get out of hand, but now
lets play a bit of devils advocate for just a minute.

If regular Joe College Student decided his degree program was not getting him
the attention or support he wanted, NO ONE would even think twice if he decided
to transfer to another program. PLUS… that other program would not tell him
that he would spend his first year there doing all the work but none of his grades
would count.

WE cannot forget these athletes are in reality students first. They should have the
same opportunities as other students, otherwise, we need to admit college football
is just a farm league for the NFL and consider removing the academic façade then
paying the players as they develop for a shot at the NFL.

Just some food for thought to stir up the trolls and trigger the easily riled up.

The significent difference of course is the student non athlete pays for his own way, or someone does but not the athletes, they get a scholarship.

As far as farm teams for the NFL, how much does the head of the Chemistry Department, for instance, get paid, Engineering, Eduaction etc.

Personally I think the villan, if there is one, is the TV industry. Back before TV NFL players made like 5,000 a year,
I remember watching the NFL exhibition games in WMS as teams made more money on non league towns as league ones.

I agree my time has come and gone but the TV industry has a lot of blame to absorb IMO.

I agree that TV has messed up sports. Every game doesn’t need to be on TV.

I don’t give a dime to the TV industry. I cut the cable in 2012 and haven’t missed it.

I have mixed feelings about the transfer portal. I know my father made me stick with several things growing up that I wanted to quit on (sports and non-sports). I’m better person for it.