An SEC coach on Arkansas

Have no idea when the comments were made - but this article was posted earlier this morning: … ng-week-5/

[color=#BF0000]Arkansas ‘just a mess’

"I spoke to an SEC coach about Arkansas, and it wasn’t a flattering conversation about the first season under Chad Morris: “I can’t believe what they look like. You watch them, and they’re just not good at quarterback and that hurts because that’s what Chad’s offense is all about. But it goes way deeper than that. I hate to say this, but we’re only in September, and that team already looks like it has quit. They got whipped by North Texas, they got beat by a bad Colorado State team. I hear people getting on (Tennessee coach) Jeremy (Pruitt), but man, Arkansas is just a mess. It doesn’t even look like they’re trying sometimes.” …[/color]

Whoever this was didn’t watch the Auburn game. We aren’t playing well now, but I don’t believe most of the team is quitting.

And this has nothing to do with the coach??? You guys need to get real…

Explain by doing a player analysis vs. how their being used.

The coach was spot on in his comments if they were made before Auburn. The Auburn game was the first game where we really gave an outstanding effort, and we did against Gus. I hope we try as hard against A+M as we did Auburn.

At this point that is what most of us want to see, I expect, and that is effort and want to. Coach Morris can build some goodwill if this team will give a great effort every week.

If this team resorts to the efforts like they gave against CSU or North Texas, then it is not going to be pretty around here.

Coach Morris appears to be a quality individual. I hope his teams are a reflection of him.

Accurate translation= elmo hates Chad Morris and you should too! I good way to judge someone is to look at their enemies. If elmo hates Chad, he must be a great guy! Excuse elmo, he is desperate to get his hate comments in as early as possible. Chad’s recruiting has him afraid he will run out of things to hate Chad with in the near future.

This coaching staff has not been great, but they have been forced to play with a very bad hand. Very little talent, particularly on Offense, and a culture of losing had already set in. They appear to be recruiting fairly well and they deserve a chance to show what they can do with their own players. As frustrating as it may be, we must be patient and content with incremental progress. Getting overly critical and demanding a regime change now will do nothing but discourage recruits from coming here.

elmo has made it miserable to be on here.

if you do that. He is never going to give Coach Morris a break, however when the Hogs start winning he will cease to exist.

Well I guess UCLA, Tenn, Nebraska, & AR all blew with their offseason HC hires I suppose this time huh.

Maybe they did. But the focus is on the Hogs.

And yes, Jerry and the BOT blew it.

And I’m not going anywhere.

Don’t forget Florida State and Arizona!

Elmo’s one-trick pony crap gets old. He never adds substance to the conversation. It’s never anything but “Morris is a bad coach.” That’s it. Changes the words but never the substance.

Who ever this coach was talking about how bad Arkansas is, if he can’t put his name with what he says, be best if he kept his pie hole shut. It’s to early to know if Morris was a good hire or not but one thing for sure, coaches weren’t lined up on Razorback Road waiting their turn to apply for the job.

This is not intended as an attack on elmo…but simply suggesting that if he bothers some of y’all…use the “foe” category for anyone you don’t want to see their posts…and wah-lah…you don’t see their posts any longer. That feature has improved my message board experience I can assure you. Wish it had been around during the Nutt/Malzahn war or words.

For those so inclined a much better suggestion than censorship!

Elmo, if these really smart people who have made a hell of a lotta of money are wrong and you are right, well then right the check to pay his buyout right now and get the right person. If you can’t write the check, then back off of the gas pedal with your venom.

A little less than 30 years ago, I read comments similar to these about another really bad football team with a new coach. Unnamed peers were saying that the coach was overmatched and in over his head. His team looked helpless and lethargic. Their schemes were simplistic and poorly executed. In the midst of a terrible season (one win) there appeared to be little hope for the team’s fans.

The coach was Jimmy Johnson. The team was the Dallas Cowboys. After a 1-15 start, the Cowboys missed the playoffs by a single game the following year, made the playoffs the year after that and the won three of the next four Super Bowls (although only two of them were with Johnson at the helm). I bring this up to say that despite elmo’s fervent protestations, there’s no way to know — yet — whether Chad Morris was a good or bad hire. As difficult as it is, we’ll just have to wait to find out. I don’t like seeing us lose anymore than anyone else. I just know that there’s no quick fix to the issues the team faces.

Totally agree. Good post.