An OL question

I’m not a football expert. I appreciate reading some the comments on the board from people who know a lot more than me.

I don’t understand if something isn’t working, why you keep trying the same thing and expect different results. Paul Ramirez playing right tackle wasn’t really a change, he had played most of the time in the last 2 games.

Why doesn’t Raulerson, Rodgers, Merrick or Wallace never get a chance in the game? I mean understand practice, but don’t some people play better in game situations that practice? How would you know if someone can’t do it in a game until you at least try? What is the old Allen Iverson saying? We’re talking about practice?

If I remember correctly, Gibson wasn’t playing until he went and sat/talked to Coach B. Raulerson was playing bad ankle and all. It left the impression that he wasn’t going to get playing time until he talked to coach.

I have never pull harder for a player than Colton Jackson. I know he wasn’t the only one, but man, he was just getting schooled Saturday. Maybe it just wasn’t his day. Maybe had an injury, who knows. Why does he play the whole game?

Didn’t Ramirez work mostly at LT in the spring?

Wish we could see:

Rodriguez - LT
Hjalte - LG
Rodgers - center
Ragnow - RG
Wallace - RT

Ragnow - C
Gibson - RG
Wallace/Merrick - RT

I don’t know what the combination is, but man I would try something different if I was getting blown up every play.