An OL coached by Jimmy Smith and Pittman in portal

He played for Smith at Cedar Grove and obviously Pittman at Ga.

Seems like a good options

Is Johnson a GT?

Does he have two years left? I may have miscalculated this, but I read it as 1) Redshirt 2) 5 games 3) 4 games 4) Covid

That would mean that he technically has two years, right? That would be nice.

So, he only played 4 games on the OL and was moved to defense. Pitman did not have him long on the OL before they moved him. Big rascal though.

I wouldn’t read to much into him moving to Dline at Georgia. Pittman had 5* all over his online.

I think Arkansas would be tough to beat here if they want him.

seems similar to Xavier Kelly background and potential… how much did Xavier help in a year of need?

My exact thinking, is it worth tying up a scholarship? That’s why Sam is coaching, and I’m couching, I have no idea.

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Sam will know this guy

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