An obvious statement about the portal

Sorry to come on here and post something that is a blatantly obvious…but here goes anyway…because a vocal minority of people on all boards are loudly claiming the wheels are coming off the program.

Here is my suggestion: wait til the ENTIRE PROCESS IS OVER before freaking out! If we bring in less quality than we lose…then ok. All the freak outs were warranted.

But there is a very real chance we bring in better than we lose. And, losing a coordinator to a head job is just life in college football. And it always has a temporary impact on recruiting. But, we just as we may lose some, we may GAIN SOME.

We are all gonna have to be patient and let the process unfold. Like it or not.

Pittman is a RENOWNED recruiter. I for one am glad he’s our coach in this environment.


I find it kind of interesting that the bball team has 11 new players (out of 13) this year and everyone is fine with it, but clutching their pearls over roughly half the football team changing. I think this is prob just the new normal with the current rules.


Could Sam just be following Muss’s and VanHorn’s lead trying to actively use the portal to rebuild more quickly? You hire great recruiters and then act surprised when players they recruited want to go with them when they leave. (Knox) Then you act all happy when the new coach brings players that he had previously recruited to other schools. Kind of a double standard. I think we have an active portal policy combined with some dissension in the strength coaches that had to include some players and they all were either fired or encouraged to use the portal. Totally agree. Let’s let it all play out before rendering judgement.

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It all makes my head hurt. I’m a gonna enjoy the NC game on Monday, then watch and play a lot of basketball. Maybe kind of forget about football for a few months. Hopefully we will be able to field an intercollegiate football team next year. If not, perhaps a good club team.

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