An Interview with Gail Goodrich

I put this on the basketball board, too. There are some Arkansas mentions in this feature, but mainly it was just a chance for me to visit with a hall of fame basketball player on a lot of subjects. I had a blast writing this:

Aloha Clay,

Thank-you. Another great masterpiece.


Guy, you are always kind to me.

Hang tough my friend.

Great story. We all are rewarded by your writing skills and
your incredible Rolodex.

I get lucky sometimes and hit on something.

Great column, but it sure makes me feel old when I realize a childhood hero is in their 70’s. :flushed:

Thank you Clay. I can relate to Gail, I was about his size in the 9th grade but grew to 6’1” by HS graduation. That’s where any comparison ends. And I always love to hear Coach Wooden stories. What a wonderful coach and man.

Excellent article as always.

A version of this story made the Sports section of Sunday edition of Arkansas Democrat Gazette. It is great that the whole state is able to read this masterpiece as one poster called it.

Now if we can just get Scottie’s player evaluation columns to make it to the main statewide newspaper.

I don’t worry about what’s in print any more. What’s on-line is read by more. I used to wonder about that, but no longer.

Just finished a 2,200 word piece after interviewing Pat Foster and James Dickey about working as assistants to Sutton. Combined they were with him for 26 years at Arkansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma State. Both were solid head coaches with conference championships (Foster in the Southland, Dickey in the SWC).

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I’ve seen Foster at athletic events on campus. I assume he’s retired and living close by.

What is Dickey’s status?

James is retired for now. He is in Valley Springs taking care of his mother. She has dementia and needs someone there. James is a great son and is right there with her by the minute.

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