An interesting tidbit on Malik, his salary, and his agent

I believe (not sure) Marcus was Malik’s agent when he signed his first NBA contract. His recent new contract with Charlotte indicates his agent is Jeff Schwartz, with Excel Sports Mgmt.

Marcus’ bio indicates he works as a player agent for Excel Sports Mgmt. But he isn’t Malik’s agent? Maybe he’s an assistant to Schwartz?

If he never makes another dime, he should be set for life.

The HoopsHype agent database includes 143 NBA agents. None of them are named Monk. One of them, however, is named Mike Conley Sr., who reps his son and Isaiah Joe.

Speaking of ex-Hogs, I see Mason Jones is represented by Mitch Nathan and Richard Felder of Creative Artists Agency. Nathan reps Karl-Anthony Towns, among others. Felder’s list begins and ends with Mason Jones.

Jeff Schwartz has the highest total salary of players he reps of any NBA agent. Which in the world of percentages means he’s getting PAID (if he gets the max 4% of his players’ deals, that would be $17 million a year). He’s listed as the agent of record for 37 players; it’s quite possible that he’s got people helping him like MM. That’s a lot of people to represent.

I would bet that Marcus is getting paid by that agency, or paid by his brother directly to run a foundation or something similar. It all comes out of the same pot.

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Is this story about his agent negotiations to play at Kentucky or in the NBA?

Take your pick. I don’t know those details.

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