An interesting realignment tidbit

The former chancellor of North Carolina was on Raleigh radio yesterday. He said he had some backdoor contacts from several SEC presidents at the time the SEC was looking to add what became Texas A&M and Misery, and said flat-out “if we had wanted to move at the time, we would be in the SEC,” likely instead of Mizzou. But UNC has thought about it before. He said he never formally talked with Mike Slive but some of his SEC friends in the president/chancellor biz reached out to him.

The winds of change are blowing. And that wind in the sails is called $$$$$$.

As always. $$$ is just the distilled down liquified representation of power. Those sources come from various items like gold, silver, iron, coal, oil, gunpowder, uranium, farmland, water, other natural resources, Inventions, patents. Wars, territorial disputes, murders continue to be used to control and hoard these items.
Always follow the money.

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