An interesting play that we ran...

during the Ole Miss game was a wheel route down the right sideline to Whaley. He slipped out of the backfield, pretended to block for a split second while Allen rolled to his left. It would have essentially been a throwback pass. Unfortunately, Allen got pressured from the Ole Miss defense, and had to throw the ball away before Whaley could get downfield. If he would have had time, it probably would have been a touchdown. I don’t think there are many LBers that can run with Whaley on a wheel route. Mismatch. It was much like the second play of the 2010 Alabama game when Ronnie Wingo ran the wheel route and Ryan Mallett found him wide open for a touchdown. I’d love to see us come back to this play, maybe this Saturday. And I’ll bet it’s 6 points for the good guys.

When Ronnie Wingo scored on that play so early in the game, I was sure that was going to be the day we were going to beat Bama.

I was right there with you. Can’t even put the level of excitement into words after that 2 play drive. But it was not to be.

I noticed that as well. I’ve been waiting all season for us to run that play. Shame it got spoiled by the pass rush.

Bet we’ll see it again before the season is over.

Auburn has now seen that play as well. Does not mean it would not be a good one, but they will be looking for it. I have always liked the different wheel rout plays. Goes all the way back to the Fullback Swingout. Same general deal and is effective. Timing is critical and the QB must have time. It also has a big pick 6 potential, so there must be care.

What I really liked was the full-scale pitch sweep where we pull the entire off-side of the line. I hadn’t seen that in years. The Glory Days of “Real American Football.” It means we have linemen that can get out in front and slobber knock some people and a patient back with power and burst. See how the cheating up cornerback likes that going forward.

The wheel route is one of Malzahn’s favorite plays, too. I figure one of the two teams will hit it Saturday. My two favorite plays are the tight end drag and the wheel route. Dan Enos likes them both. He Sprinkles them into his call sheet. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Surprised to see that Gus is letting Rhett Lashlee call the plays, according to ESPN’s Greg Ostendorf. Saw a little of the Clemson game, haven’t watched them much.

Ole Miss used to kill people using Duce McAllister on the wheel route. Bobby used it, too.

Maybe Dan Enos will put it in the plan.

If anyone knows Gus’ mindset when it comes to playcalling, you’d have to think Lashlee is that person . . . after playing for him in HS and then several years working under him as a coach. It’s probably the closest think Gus can have to calling plays himself, without actually doing it.

Yup. :wink:

In my mind, I try to disconnect Rhett from Gus but it is hard. I detest all things Auburn (cheating, spit spit gag, pieces of crap). I think Gus was smart to hand that part of it over to Rhett. I think Rhett will be a good head coach at some point but I always hope Auburn loses every game they play.