An interesting note on “key plays”

I drove down to Sulpher Springs TX to pick up my puppy today. I was able to listen to the game on the way home thanks to XM radio.

But I wanted to watch highlights. YouTube TV has an option to watch the entire replay or watch key plays. They list 42 key plays.

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Marty it was a rollercoaster early but before halftime the action for the Hogs picked up. Watch the entire game later.

Refs had major role in how the game progressed in the first half

That’s for sure. The old PI flags helped a lot.

If you force a punt or a turnover in today’s game, you win. Those are the highlights. Fans of both teams are roasting their defensive players/coaches but those are the men who win for you. Pick out any game today and a few defensive plays determine the outcome.



I would add. I think holding a team to a FG in most instances is actually a defensive win. Ole Miss and Mississippi State have no problems going for fourth and short when they cross the 50 yard line just adding additional pressure on defenses.

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Making the Egg Bowl a must watch game for pure entertainment value, especially considering the personalities of the head coaches and the mutual hatred of the fan bases. Throw in the likelihood that both teams could be ranked and the stakes could be very high.

When our offense keeps us even or ahead of the opposing team it is kinda amazing - our defensive liabilities are not nearly as visible. Pressure on the defense to keep the other team completely shut down is a high expectation.

Not many are playing great defense these days.

In my lifetime most rule changes have favored the offense. Allowing the use of hands to push and shove defensive players, changing in blocking rules all favor the offense, not being able to hit receivers downfield was a huge change. For you younger guys, in my day you could knock a receiver off his feet anywhere on the field until the ball was thrown.

But most rules have favored the offense and I agree it is tough stopping offenses now.

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Yea everyone got tired of and bored with 10-7, 13-9, 17-13 defensive games, so changing things up to benefit offenses to ramp up the scores was induced. Then came along prolific hurry up offenses spread all over the field on top of that. Now we see lots of 42-35, 48-45, 52-49 scores and defensive players being roasted even on good teams.

Yep, now days, if your defense holds them to a FG, you feel like they won that series.

There are lots of reasons for that, I suppose. One main reason…QBs are so much more athletic now.

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