An inside look at the renovation to Razorback Stadium

I recently sat down with Matt Trantham and Scott Varady, two of the more prominent figures in the stadium expansion. They gave several details, such as the timeline of the building, descriptions and costs of suites, and stadiums they toured to get ideas, etc. … azorbacks/

Great work, Matt. It should have been perfect timing with fans flowing into the stadium and staring into the “hole” that is the north end zone. Thanks for working hard this week to get this finished.

I’ll echo Clay’s kudos from the fan perspective. I and most other subscribers are really interested in this subject, and appreciate the detailed treatment you gave it.

Outstanding Matt…greatness in writing and content!!!

Great article! Thanks, Matt. Loved it

I appreciate all the kind words. This is something I’ve been working on for several weeks now, but it took a while to get everyone in the same room at once. I’m glad it worked out and that Matt and Scott were so willing to share details about the project.

I was particularly interested in the tidbit that the NEZ is being built so that it can be expanded later, and of course that gap at the northeast corner can also be filled in at some future fate. Putting a video board on top of the SEZ doesen’t completely close off a future expansion there, but it does make it a bit less likely.

Yes, what a well written, in-depth article about a subject everyone wants to hear more about.
Thanks for your hard work, Matt. I know this had to be a complex piece to put together and you did it very well.