An eye opening stat


Anton Beard’s assist to turnover ratio through 3 games. That is incredible. Macon’s is 10:5.

Unfortunately Barford’s is 8:10. Obviously that will improve.

Will be interesting to see where these stand prior to SEC play. Looks like we are in good hands at the PG position.

Barford is loose with his dribble. This isn’t JUCO anymore and quite frankly I thought he got bailed out by the ref at the end of the game where he went to the line (can’t remember the time, but it was our last or 2nd to last possession).

He is a good player and really showed up in the 2nd half with steals and strong drives. Just needs to tighten up that handle.

Do you guys think Barford will be able to handle the ball well enough once competition increases? I’m not sure. He just doesn’t seem to be a great ball handler and I don’t think you can improve that part of your game much within a season. Somewhat reminds me of Dontell Jefferson showing up from juco - though I’m just talking about ball handling. I realize Barford is a much better overall player.

I wonder if we are getting pressure whether we’ll have to go to Beard as primary ball handler.

I was actually wondering last night why Macon wasn’t in. Everyone seemed off last night, but Barford, as good as he played turned over the ball a lot. Anyone know why Macon missed the last 7 mins? Also, our guys were having issues early, why not stick one of the freshmen in? I’m sure Jones could have hit a shot of two.

Macon had four fouls.

Barford will be alright. Beard might take the lead at pg, and that’s just fine if he earns it. But Barford’s strength will take him a long way either at pg or sg. I can’t remember the last time we have had a guard big enough to finish through contact. I really think turnovers will get corrected. What I am more worried about is having a pg make plays for Moses! We got to get him the ball!

Macon had 4 fouls and was never a factor. Barford had taken over the game and was pressuring UTA perimeter guys better than anyone we had.

Barford got tired with about 10 minutes left and had 2 straight turnovers that were just from being tired. Another one was in a scramble situation when he saved a ball in and went baseline and stepped out of bounds.

He was loose with the ball last night but he can handle the ball just fine. He just needs to get into better shape and be more conscious of avoiding turnovers.

Barford otherwise played very well and was a key spark to the win.

I tend to agree with your analysis or over all assessment of last night’s game. I also think Barford is beginning to turn the corner as it relates to D1 college play. His skills sets are to good to discard in addition to several other newbies to this 2016 team. Once they all come together this team will be very special. Games won like last night tells a coach way more about his team than a 28pts margin blowout.

Barford has been incredibly disappointing IMO.

He’s shooting 27% beyond the 3 pt line, has 26 assists and 23 turnovers. He’s also shooting 68% from the foul line, worst among players averaging more than 10 min a game. Luckily he’s only getting to the line 2.6x a game. Really hoping his play turns around. Wondering if his confidence is shot, considering Jimmy’s previous comments.

Beard is at 29 assists to 12 turnovers. Macon is 35 assists to 25 turnovers. They’re playing at a really nice level right now.

Comments: several years back during Beard’s freshman year the North Little Rock HC, came on the Buzz and talked about the two Allen and Beard based upon his experiences coaching the two. He gave Allen a slight nod as the all around better player, although he shared that Beard is the toughest of the two. What I thought was interesting is what he said next about Beard, he would find a way somehow to break into the starting line-up that season 2014. Sure enough Beard did find a way into the starting lineup with 8 or 9 games left in conference play. Obviously he took a big step backwards during his sophomore year as the results of his off the court distractions that drained his focus on the hardwood. To the extent I did not think he would recover especially with the skills sets Mike brought in this season 2016, between the Juco and freshman guard play . Well guess what Mr Beard is back and as confident as ever, and he has his eyes on the guard slot that Barford is currently struggling through his point guard play. Personally I believe the team wins if Barford can work it out within hisself it’s all between his ears, make no mistake he has the skill sets to be the second or even the best player on team. I really hope he figures it out and this team will be the better for it Barford on the first platoon and a tough Bread on the second team there won’t be a drop off.

Barford has good mechanics on his shot. He seems to make it when he is wide open and shoots it in rhythm and on instinct. His percentage is low now because he is taking some difficult shots. He is trying to live up to his high scoring average in Jucos and not letting the game cone to him. He will get that eventually and when that happens, turnovers will come down since he will not see the need to force the issue.

I am not yet worried about him. He is still taking shots and trying to score. Right now he is not showing hesitation or fear of failure. That is good. When he stops shooting and retreats into a shell, I will start worrying.