An encouraging perception

We won today! A win is a win. A win on the road, with this young team is encouraging in itself. I don’t care who the opponent was.
What I find even more encouraging with this young team is that they don’t get rattled very easy. They don’t panic and they stay relatively poised.
Their early success gave them a lot of confidence. Maybe they got overconfident and it cost them. But one thing that is encouraging, is they never lost their fight to win. For a young team, that is very encouraging for the future.
Tonight was a game they could very easily have lost, had they panicked or lost their poise. They didn’t do either. They just kept fighting and they held it together.
I believe they gained some of that confidence back today and as they get better,(and they will), that confidence will continue to grow. That is extremely important, especially for a young team. This is a good young team. They will get better. The win today, their SEC opener, on the road, as an underdog, was a big step on that road to future success.
I don’t care who the opponent was!
Go Hogs!!


Any SEC road win is a very precious thng. They are normallly had to come by.