An average team

Playing a brutal schedule and making a ton of mistakes. That’s where we find ourselves five games into this season. Even after two quality wins to start the season, we knew were going to struggle to win 2 of the next four. Now just winning 1 looks a little iffy. Doesn’t help to lose your best player on each side of the ball, but that’s life in the SEC. No one is going to feel sorry for you. There are still winnable games left on our schedule, but I worry about the psyche of our team. Some how, some way, we need to win next week. KJ will help. Playing cleaner and smarter would help even more. Just win, regroup during the off week, then beat Aubrun, Liberty, Missoura and maybe even LSU. Get that winning season and keep momentum going. It can be done.

6 games and 1/2 way.

Something not right here…

I forgot all about Missoura State. That was technically a win, but a harbinger of very bad things to come!

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Our Hogs are trending in the wrong direction after six games.
They have gone from being talked about possibly being the 3rd best team in the SEC and over ranked at #10 to now being possibly one of the four worst teams in the SEC.
It will be difficult for this team to get to six wins and bowl eligibility.
With Texas and Oklahoma coming into the SEC it will strengthen their recruiting and likely hurt ours for ever.
Both of those programs have blue blood history in college football at a level we don’t.
I believe things will only get worse for Razorback Football in the future because we will never get the depth of talent that the “Big Time” programs get each year.

Had Missouri State had enough depth to play 4 quarters and stay fresh they would’ve beat the Hogs.

I simply refuse to believe this. The right coach(es) can get the talent to Fayetteville. It happens in too many of our other programs. Not saying CSP isn’t the right coach but I’m also not saying we have the right coaches on the staff yet, maybe we do. We have a good recruiting class coming in but it has to get much better because there is nothing we run that is going to out scheme anyone.

Had we had enough depth to play 4 quarters we would’ve beaten Bama. That’s our primary problem.

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