An assertion by ArmyHog about Biased Ref

Since you’re a close friend of Burdettes could you ask him some questions.

  1. How it could be to officiate an entire college game and not call 1 foul against one of the teams, but a boat load of fouls against the other team?

  2. Do refs keep their own stats or have someone give them or they have access to their called fouls stats for each game?
    Plus other calls-traveling, dbl dribble, goal tending, 3 sec in lane, etc, etc.?

Simple fair questions He Should be able to answer without worry of incriminating or bias.

I was very involved in officiating for several years. KB and I started at the same time. I quit 12 years ago bc of the demands and commitment required to get to that level we’re too much for my family. The average fan has NO IDEA how difficult it is to get to that level. They also have NO IDEA how difficult officiating college basketball is.

A guy like KB has ONE goal…advance his career. Every whistle is watched and scrutinized. Too many bad ones and you don’t advance. Trust me…you don’t get to this level without being VERY GOOD. But it is easy to look bad doing this.

KB is a super good guy…great Christian. And for some nut job to cowardly get on a message board and hide behind a “username” and spread COMPLETE lies is weak.

I want to believe you but you lost me when you said every whistle is watched and scrutinized. Very difficult to believe and also, there are a lot of whistles that aren’t blown. There are acts and there are omissions. How are the omissions scrutinized when there is no whistle blown. I’ve always loved college basketball but there is so much money involved in it today that the temptation becomes overwhelming to most and it has destroyed any semblance of a level playing field. Call me jaded but I’ve seen too much smoke.

Did he use his real name on the radio calls? If not had did you k ow it was him - do you k ow him and thus recognized the voice? Did someone that knows him recognize the voice and tell you about it?

Very interesting situation!

Actually, Jimmy Dykes said the same thing last year. Every foul is reviewed, all the jack wagons at ESPN lauded him, but the poster who he responded to replied with, “What about the non calls?” As you can expect crickets from everyone involved. We have two legitimate refs on here, who have questioned officiating this year, one has questioned Burdette.

I’m no coward. If you think your so great and unbiased watch his sorry handy work.
I sure have no fear. He is a sorry ref! Period and he sure stinks it up! Watch the tape of the game.
Watch that wonderful press and see how many times Waters got by with pushing and grabbing. We had players pushed out of bounds and no call. I guess your as blind and sorry as Burdette is! I’m. It hiding behind a message board. I’ll be at the VA hospital tomorrow morning for treatment at 1000am. Come have lunch.
Patriot cafe.

What would this guy gain from bad calls! How come we complain when we loose and not give credit when we win. If we are just bad, why make excuses?

I don’t buy in to this guy having an agenda against CMA or calling into radio shows. And I don’t believe in conspiracy theory’s about refs being bought and all that. I have a friend whose husband is a college ref - I think he does Big East. It’s a tough gig.

But one thing I’m certain about…the LSU crew called an awful game that benefited LSU. Only a blind person or an LSU fan could see it differently.

Don’t know which part you are referring to as lies & who you are referring to as nut job & cowardly. None of that correlated with what I asked. Didn’t think what I asked required such a defensive reply either.
What I stated was mentioned by the announcers as far as fouls called during the game. (LSU vs AR). See my post in this thread regarding that.
Totally understand the rigors of officiating and the scrutiny that goes with it, but I just asked a couple questions.
Could be a ref may or may not be aware that all of the fouls he called in a game were all one way against only 1 team.
I guess you could’ve answered that being your extensive experience in that field.
Anyway I guess I got all the answer I’ll get on that’s.

Yea Bake I remember that discussion. Voyard is Ukrainian I think. They play a lot of BB in that neck of the woods. Maybe put a couple in the NBA

I was referring to whoever said that KB called into a radio show calling for Mike’s job. That’s a lie. He couldn’t care less who is coaching the Razorbacks.

Look at the box score and watch LSU press the hogs and you see first hand where the logic lands!
Check a few box scores the sorry ref called. Yes I’d say there’s and agenda.

Understood, thanks
but no answer or comment why not 1 foul called against LSU the entire game by Burkette as noted by the announcers. Is that common to happen in any game by any ref?

I’d have to go back and watch the game. I didn’t think they had a their best night. But I can promise you all those guys want isn’t get it right. A guy like KB that’s climbing the ladder would be done in no time if anything funny was going on.