An assertion by ArmyHog about Biased Ref

Matt J: ArmyHog posted the assertion below about an SEC referee that, if true, appears to be publicly biased towards one of the league’s teams which should be a significant story worthy of scrutiny from the media.

Are you or the ADG sports staff aware of the referee he’s alluding to and aware of this behavior? If so, is a story in the works? If not, could you investigate? If Army’s statement is true I would expect this would be a major story on ESPN, etc.

ArmyHog Post

“I almost forgot this one. There’s a ref that called our LSU game at Baton Rouge that live in Maumelle. He is from Stuttgart. His phone calls to radio shows calling for CMA job are a normal occurrence. I just wonder what type of vetting is done on him by the SEC office. I wonder if they actually listen to the people that call in and report him for his conduct. Odd when you consider the free throw difference in that game.”

That rings a “Bell”…

It’s true! I called the SEC office several times about him and the results of that game in particular.

What’s his name? What did the SEC office say?

Matt J - Can the ADG sports department follow-up on this. An SEC referee calling radio shows and advocating for the termination of an SEC head coach is something deserving of LOTS of scrutiny.

Burdette is his last night. I can’t remember his first name.
They didnt respond on the answering machine on the first call. The second call the lady said she would have someone call back and as usual no call. The third call I told them they were just there drawing a pay check and had no useful purpose in their current job! Puppets.
You know their is a problem when the SEC commissioner can be present and observe first hand the conduct of officials when a player Throat slashes and get by with and the negative comments by Dick Vitale calling Mosses a mouse and says nothing.
Go back and look at the lopsided box score in that game. The free throw difference in numerous SEC games we’ve played in have been alarming and shameful.
There was a late shot by Ole Miss at Bud Walton Arena a few years that was well after the horn to end the first half and the refs still gave Ole Miss the bucket.
This year Gafford got slapped in the face upon review no flagrant. Tennessee Admiral Schofield got slapped in the face the same day and not half as obvious as Gafford and it was a flagrant .
You watch enough tape and enough game and you see the money train running along. The teams fighting for bids to the dance are getting all the help they need from SEC refs to make the dance.

this could get interesting. and a potential story. we will see if the media follow up on anything. wonder if this ref calls many Arkansas games? its time the sec office be held accountable. in all my years, i have never seen league officiating crews protect the higher ranked team. happens in all three sports, football, for sure, basketball and even baseball. poor gafford got mauled all game a couple of games back, few fouls, missouri i think it was, we get called for touch fouls. happens all the time. don’t watch enough ladies sports to have an opinion there.

still remember the Liberty bowl where we were robbed. and the Florida football game when we beat their rears and lost because of a bad call. And Alabama. we should call this league the Bama football league, more late hits on qb’s, defensive backs that maul receivers, etc. they get protected more than anyone else.

wish some coach publicly would call them out but it would be coaching suicide to do that, but reporters should demand answers from sec league officials in charge of officiating.

KB. I knew him a little from softball in Maumelle. Kinda full of himself.

I know him personally…have for years. He’s a great guy. Has NEVER called in calling for Mike’s job. This is DUMB!

Seems like this would be very reckless behavior and career suicide if true.

What’s his full name so Matt J and ADG can follow up and find out if this is legit or , if not true, help clear his name resulting from Razorback fan conspiracy fueled paranoia

Army you have a PM

I sure haven’t ever seen you post on this board! Where did you come from?
I guess your part of the anti hog faction too!
What’s dumb is when a press can be filled when mugging and no fouls called on LSU and 3 hogs foul out and LSU shot 38 free throw and we shot half that number.
the 2 way whistle thing! Great guy bought and paid for with an agenda. Support him I sure don’t. By the way feed his see and eye dog when he’s out of town.

The radio announcers for that LSU game knew exactly who he was (KB Burdette Jr) & pointed out around 3-4 minutes left in the game he had not called 1 foul against LSU up to that point. He also stole a game from us last year at Miss St I think it was.
Whether or not he has called radio shows calling for anyone’s job I don’t know. But I don’t see how any college ref can go a whole game & not call 1 foul against one of the teams - any team period.

Is he Michael from Stuttgart?

KB Burdett Jr. It is… seems like it would be easy for the media to inquire of the SEC office if they have investigated complaints of bias about this official. Additionally, it would be quite easy to contact Mr. Burdett and ask him about the allegations made by ArmyHog.

If he’s calling statewide radio shows in Arkansas calling for the ouster of Coach Anderson that’s 1) A very big deal and 2) Should be fairly easy to verify.

I’m gonna go pop some corn and sit back and watch for awhile!

What does me not posting a lot mean? I’m as die hard if a Razorback fan as you can get. The post is dumb bc it’s a false. He has NEVER called in. Why would someone on the career trek he’s on jeapordize that by calling in to a sports show. Please use a little common sense…

I suggest you all be careful with allegations like these. Not sure Mr. Burdette is a public figure. That makes a difference.

KY actually has a list of every ref and their win % with those officials. I posted it on here the last time Burdette officiated one of our games and Army made a similar statement. One of the three refs had a 100% win percentage when calling KY games. In other words, KY has never lost when that particular official was officiating.

Edit: It was Burdette

I think we need to come up with one of those lists, anyone want to attempt it?

I’m actually interested with Voyard-Tadal. I don’t think we’ve won a game he’s officiated.

Just because he doesn’t post frequently doesn’t mean he’s not a fan. Some of us have been reading this blog for years and simply don’t reply on every subject. I usually don’t post unless it gets so ridiculous that I feel compelled out of frustration.

By the way, I feel the same way about the LSU game. The Tennessee game was just about as bad.

You can watch his handy work and tell what his intentions are. He has friends who wear the refs stripes that are just as sorry as he is. I often thought TV Teddy was a bad ref until Burdette showed up!