An amazing OC, DC pairing with Pittman

OC - Hugh Freeze
DC - Charlie Strong

I’d take Freeze as an OC, but not a HC.
Strong would be an amzing DC.

Freeze should have to start as an OC if he expects to make a comeback. Both would probably be short term, HCs offered in 2-3 years. But they would provide a great lift off to the rebuilding process.

Freeze is already a head coach.

How about Enos and Strong? Our offense was pretty darn salty in 2015 when we still had some people who could block. Sam will get the OL fixed.

I was going to say not FBS, but was shocked to see “Liberty, who’s not even in a conference, was FBS”??? I’d still think an OC in the SEC would be a pretty big step up.

Enos and Pittman together won’t work that well I believe