A'Montae Spivey's mom


That’s nice to see. Especially in Alabama.

Heck yeah!!!

Awesome. You go mom.


This guy is underrated in my opinion I saw him in the Mississippi Alabama All-Star Game and he really impressed me with his quickness and his toughness didn’t realize he was 210 lb. I think he has a chance to play early.

Guessing this is a good sign for us and not ole piss.

You go Mom. Love that lady.

I really like what I hear and see if her son. Hopefully, he will be a great Razorback.

He reminds me a lot of Alex Collins,has great vision and cutting ability.

That’s high praise linking to Alex Collins. Hope this works out well for us.

Not saying he will be as good as Alex Collins he just runs like him with those Quick Cuts.

Good vision and quick feet to make cuts is key. I hope our Oline improves to enough to create holes for RB’s to get to the 2d level.

He sure looks good in the clips I have seen. Powerful and not slow.
Balance and vision are what seems to separate the top echelon running
back from the plethora of relatively fast and strong backs.