A'Montae Spivey

Richard, i asked on another post awhile backing asking what RB the hogs had the best chance at landing. At the time you said Spivey, but does the LSU offer change your mind on that any?

From a spectator looking in, looks like LSU came in and took over the show from us. He got some predictions going to LSU right after his visit/offer.

Hopefully Richard says we have a chance, but it’s hard to compete with LSUs recent RB success.

I would say he’s head is turned right now, but he is far from a lock at either place

There’s more to this than the LSU offer.

Like Arkansas holding out for a more desirable RB?..

They really like A’montae.

A guy i work with says he has a few connections to the football program, and from what he is saying is that there may be a RB they are holding out for. But this is a gentlemen that i have quickly learned cant really be trusted. Thats the only reason i asked if Arkansas was holding out for someone else. Seems to be several RBs in the mix right now