A'Montae Spivey is entering the transfer portal

Disappointed to lose Spivey. It was a big deal when we signed him. I had expected there would be an opportunity for him to play more next year & perhaps start.

It will be important to hold on to the two Oklahoma running back recruits, as the cupboard is getting bare at running back for next season. I had thought young Mr. Spivey would be playing more by now, and had high hopes for him.

IMO when you transfer to another school through the portal the main advertisement that you have is your confident swag when you get to your next school. If you don’t have it you better find it or else you’ll just warm their bench. Trelon Smith brought it and is using it.

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I really like him and am surprised he hasn’t worked his way into the rotation. Something just not clicking in practice I guess.

Academics, apparently was in trouble with the coaches.

Yeah could be the problem.

States in the article that academics was the problem. Spivey was most likely not attending classes & consequently grade issues. That may account for him not traveling to the MSU game.

I get the feeling that Sam will not put up with that. Have no idea if that is the issue, but I would suggest to anyone (player or regular student), Go To Class!

I agree, Go to Class! Or at least do them online, whatever the case may be.

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