Ambrose-Hylton talks about upcoming visit

Really excited about this cat. I know we are pumped about the instate guys but this guy really fits the bill IMO. Future pro.

I’m with you Lynn! I want him and the Arkansas kids.

I agree with you, my personal preference is Williams, then Ambrose-Hylton. 1&2. After that then there can be a discussion on who, but those are the two guys I want from this class.

Any kind of feel on him?

Richard, you do an amazing job keeping us updated! Thanks.

Not a strong one but they offered him late and was able to get an official. He wants to go to the league and Muss’ background is a major plus as is Moser’s.

You’re too kind. Thanks.

Do you have a feel for who is our toughest competition for his signing?

When I say not a strong one, I meant I don’t have a strong sense of what Arkansas’ chances are. I’ll do more digging after his visit though.