Amber Ramirez will return to Arkansas' team next year


Ramirez has landed in the 100th and 99th percentile nationally in 3s made per game in her two seasons at Arkansas, according to HerHoopStats. Huge news.

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This is good news.

Down right awesome.

Fantastic!!! Great to have you back Amber!!

Great to have you back Amber!

That’s awesome. I guess the roster shake up after the transfers and incoming class still may have some spots open. How many more can CMN bring in? Amber won’t count against the scholarship limit.

And the scholarship limit is 15 anyway, and I think we only had 14 this year. Six seniors leaving, Amber coming back but doesn’t count, CMN has signed four. I kinda suspect young Ms. Goforth may end up on the UA roster next year.


Can we get Coriah Beck to come home too?

That’s great news. Glad you decided to stay Amber. Looking forward to you knocking down those 3’s next year.
My daughters name to BTW.

Well CMN has - few more players he can bring in. That’s good Swine thanks.

Don’t know if they would want her unless her attitude has improved significantly since HS.

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You must know something I don’t know. I only know her Daddy, and he was the point guard for our only National Championship team.

Super good news for our women’s basketball program. Thrilled to have the seasoned and talented leadership to help carry this team on up the ladder in the NCAA Tournament.

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