Amazingly, program about #13 all time NCAA appearances

Imagine if we hadn’t had the down years and had more than 6 appearances these last roughly 17 years.

We are not exactly a program without NCAA appearance history.

A couple more appearances and we are back in top ten all time NCAA appearance programs.

That’s an outstanding program and history. … _by_school

That’s what makes it so frustrating. I glad u found that to show some of the younger people on this message board what Ark b-ball is about

But we did have all of those down years. No recruit has seen us play in the Sweet 16.

We are irrelevant. Why our fans can’t understand that, I’ll never know.

23 years…23 YEARS since a Sweet 16 appearance. That my friends is mediocrity.

That’s what frustrating. We can and should be relevant. No excuses for us not to be

And 3 of those last 6 have come in the last 5 years. Anderson should get a lot of credit for putting us back on track to move back into Top 10.

And what everyone forgets is 22 of those occurred in a 28 year period with two coaches. We’ve had a program for 95 years, but you’re correct, Mike has three of those six

When did Sweet 16 become a measuring stick for becoming relevant? Trust me, unless you reach Final Four, you are not relevant. Sweet 16 is just useful for Anderson debate.

We have to get to Final Four soon, period.