Amazing Year

Given all our shortcomings, this was amazing year. Great job coaching and the players gave it their all. Who among you expected to be here back in January? Very proud of the team and coaches.


Yes it was! It is so hard to get to the elite eight, and we did it back to back! We were the last SEC team standing in the last 2 years.

I have absolutely zero to complain about. It was a GREAT season. This was a terrific team that left it all on the floor every game.

Thank you Coach Muss, every coach, and every player!




Next year probably better with a couple of Portal hits

Just Txted same thing to my son. An amazing year that I really enjoyed. Went 1 and 1 with house money. Just met a much more talented team tonight that hit on all cylinders. Need size, but these guys gave it their all for us and made me proud.


Two elite eight back to back tournaments in three years after spending years of wandering in the wilderness. I could say something about football along those lines before Pittman. Coaches and development of your talent is important. All sports at UA are in that zone right now. Have learned to enjoy the moment more after all of that drama . Have reason to look forward to next year"s basketball and expect good things.


Agree. So proud of our Hogs. Looking forward to seeing what Muss does with several studs next year.


I can’t believe the run this team made.


We need some more pieces.

But a great year

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Awesome coaching job. This team had shortcomings but made it again to elite 8. All about recruiting to take next step and with the class already signed plus a couple more we should be there. Kids executed the game plan game after game.

I just hope the future recruiting classes watch film of this years team. Just to see & learn how to never ever quit or even slow down even in the darkest, ugliest moments of a game.
Learn the blue collar way

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