Amazing meeting

Sitting here in Doctors office waiting room and am over joyed to strike up a conversation with and meet Scott Bull’s wife. Never saw him play but have heard many good things regarding him. A very special day so far.

I still haven’t met him by the way.

During my time in college, I think there was some kind of fire or damage to Wilson Sharpe, Athletic dorms were still allowed, so some of the guys got parceled out to regular dorms for a while. Scott was assigned to my dorm, he was the nicest humblest guy one could meet. He was friendly to all the guys around him and never acted like he was something special. As my dear departed Mother-in-law used to describe classy/mannerly people, “he was raised right!”

Scott was part of a great class of Quarterbacks that started college together, Mike Kirkland from Texas, M. Miller from Augusta, I think and Scott from Jonesboro. All had their time in limelight over the years with Kirkland and Bull maybe shinning a bit more, but if I remember correctly, Miller was a very talented and athletic quarterback himself. One tidbit, Kirkland was a National Punt, Pass and Kick champion. Also believe that both Kirkland and Bull played a little in the league. Remember Bull with the Niners, but don’t recall Kirkland’s team or teams.

Love my Razorback memories!

Yes she mentioned Kirkland fondly and said that he and Scott were still working together in Harrison.

All were my college contemporaries, too. All were good friends. Mark is now in Little Rock. Scott spent time with the 49er’s before moving back to NW Arkansas. I lost track of Mike Kirkland, who I didn’t spend as much time with as the other two, but all were good friends with each other. All battled injuries of one kind or another. Scott ended up being the most successful at QB, but all played. Unfortunately, they played in years where we weren’t as successful as we’d been for a while. Scott’s years as QB ended up being a very good one. We beat UGA 31-10 in the Cotton Bowl finishing 10-2. Our two losses were to Ok State (a bought & paid for team) and to Texas in Fayetteville. We got behind early against the whorns & almost came back to win. It wasn’t one of Bull’s better games & he got a whole lot of heat following it. Too bad. He was as tough as nails. You’re right. He was from Jonesboro. Mark Miller was from Augusta.

Mike played a little bit for the Colts - who were still in Baltimore - when they had a lot of injuries at QB. Don’t remember him playing for anyone else, but perhaps he did. This was in the pre-internet, pre-NFL Ticket days, so I might have missed some time he spent elsewhere.

I met Mr. Bull at an airport in Winnepeg, CA back in June. He was doing well.