Amazing effort today!

Totally different team out there right now it’s sad that we blew three games because we didn’t play this hard hopefully they learned their lesson

I don’t know about “amazing”. Let them cut and 18pt deficit down to 7 and missed 8 free throws while scoring 35pts.

Certainly a better effort from LSU but that was a pretty low bar.

Wasn’t happy with how they closed the half, but much better look than earlier in the week.

They came out with amazing effort just couldn’t sustain it Missouri did a great job was spacing the floor as and hit some 3’s

Certainly agree, I was at the LSU game. Defense still needs works. Too many open 3s. Watch Beard…he certainly leaves good shooters open.

Dribble drives and dribble penetration keeps killing us. No defensive rebounding… unless this changes we’re toast.

Need to finish the last 7:42 strong or Missouri may steal one they shouldn’t.

Down by 4. Real amazing

So careless!

You could be right.

Gotta make FTs

Confidence builder, much needed win for coach and team, proud to see a better effort today. Way to go Hogs !! WPS

You’re right. Looks to me, we stole one.

They should never give up the lead after being ahead by 18 with 26 minutes left. Give Missouri credit, they took the Hogs out of what they had done to build that lead. And give the Hogs credit for not pouting after giving up the lead and everything seemingly going Missouri’s way. Got a feeling there’s going to be a lot of nail-biters this year.

I’ll definitely take the victory that’s for sure but man this team will make you drink hard liquor and I don’t drink at all LOL

Great to get the win. But, this win doesn’t make me feel like the Hogs have turned the corner.

Still having big problems in the half court. Defense breaks down and leaves shooters wide open. These defensive lapses has got to improve.
Much better intensity tonight.
Gafford is such a great player. Still gets pushed around some, but when he puts on a little more weight, muscle, he is going to be a beast!
Great win. Needed it.

Always glad to win, but we wasted big leads in both halves. If we were shooting FTs like last years team, this game would not have been close.

Last year we had two elite FT shooters in Hannahs and Macon. Moses was very good and got fouled a lot.

Macon’s accuracy is not as good this year and no one else is reliable.

Nothing has changed about FT shooting in 50+ years. There’s no excuse for shooting less than 70% at this level. Without looking it up, I’d guess that after Macon nobody is close to that % among those with significant minutes.

A lot of the problems are from double-teaming the ball handler which leaves us in reaction to the open person who we also foul. We switch all the time and let a Big cover a guard and a guard cover a Big which is stupid. The rebounding is another broken record. We don’t have anyone to rebound because CMA doesn’t make it a priority and we let our bigs get on the perimeter on switches too much.

The team hit the ditch last year so CMA finally gave in and went to more zone WITHOUT TRAPS. Please make the same Change…PLEASE. Our rebounding improved, fouls were reduced, we played defense with our feet and the players were not fatigued as much. We are always leaving players open against good passing teams since we double-team the ball handler and then that is compounded by bad rebounding.