Amazing art on basketball courts ---------------------

------------------------------ some schools spending huge money on unique graphics:

Can’t stand to watch a gamer on the courts of Oregon and Memphis just like Boise State football games.

That court at JMU is too much for me :sweat_smile: The Charlotte Hornets’ floor, though, is a sharp and clever look.

I like our traditional looking floor but the state outline looks pretty lame. If Oregan can stain trees in four colors with every leave detailed, you think we could have at least made an attempt to show the true outline of our state a little more accurately.

This is the only small complaint I have about Arkansas’ floor. I’m with you there 100 percent. Off the top of my head Ole Miss’ is a true outline, and I believe West Virginia’s is, too.

I saw a game at Cal State Bakersfield earlier this year. I can’t unsee it.



I’m no fan of a lot of distracting crap on a basketball court or football field. A team logo is fine. The name of the person (or entity) the court or arena is named for is fine. But all this clutter is too much. I hate the purple & gray stripes at UCA & the blue field at Boise.

I like our floor, but I’d have eliminated the State map altogether. I agree that if we’re going to have one, it should be a bit more accurate instead of what we have.

I agree. The stained state map detracts from the lighter color of the rest of the floor. I wish it could be removed entirely. Nevertheless, I am so pleased with the athletic department’s efforts otherwise in all sports that this is a very minor " stain", imho. Go Hogs

I’m all for marketing. Whatever that is. That’s what I want. I assume it’s a big hog for us. Teams that don’t have a big hog need a different identity.

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