Amauri Hardy

said Memphis and UNLV are the only visits he has planned for now.

Those programs are going through major upheaval and with player departures. Both teams will struggle to get to .500 and offer him 20-30 minutes a night right off the bat.

Do we wait on him or take a Barrett commit? Or is there a door #3?

I checked yesterday and the best way I could describe it is it’s still very fluid. lol. Sorry, but that’s the only way to say it.

I think Hardy showed his hand by choosing Memphis for his OV. And I didn’t realize UNLV had similar issues. That clinches it.

UNLV - The top 4, and 6 of the top 8 scorers from last year’s team either graduated or transferred. Oh by the way that was a 11-21 team. They are going to be awful.

Arkansas does not know how many scholarships it has available. Very difficult to keep stringing along recruits.

Comments: well from my perspective standing on the outside looking in as it relates to the decision the Hardy family will make shortly, suggested this young millenniums isn’t interested in ridding the pine even if it is only a season. I don’t see this young man traveling south through Big Ten country to wait for his turn play on this team unless one of our two star guards are planning to leave their name in the hat.

Which brings me to this question Richard, regarding Glasner, has his shoulder healed completely and do you know if he has been cleared to play? I like this kid and I make no bones about it I’m pulling for him, I can get behind anyone that says "I gonna walk-on and earn a scholarship. Mike could already have his alternate PG until Chris shows up…

Glasper is going through the workouts they are having now.

As I reported back during the NCAA Tournament, Robert told me he had been going through non-contact drills and was expected to go through spring drills without any limitations,

Response: yeah, I was hoping you had a little more to add to that report…


Something tells me he is going to pick one of these schools where he will start right away. Regardless we it sounds like we will know something next weekend.

I’d rather save the scholarship than settle if he is more worried about PT.

Add DJ Weaver & Rodgerick Brown than just choose one over the other anyway!

I definitely would choose Amauri over DJ

I got a chance to watch DJ play on stream this weekend. And I see what they mean when they say he’s still recovering from that injury, looks a little stiff at times doesn’t really look fluid yet, now that doesn’t mean he can’t get there. But, as of right now I would do exactly what the staff is doing and keep evaluating him and see what happens. I believe Ingram was saying on radio that DJ is about 80% physically, but it’s kinda a mental thing right now. I listened to him talk on interviews, very intelligent kid, and rooting for him a full recovery, but if we’re just talking basketball right now he’s still got a ways to go.

I wouldn’t. Once DJ gets back to 95-100%, you’ll see the the true DJ. He’s pretty effective now.

Dudley and I saw him as a freshman at Arkansas’ camp and he was special then.

I wouldn’t and I don’t think the Arkansas staff will either - especially because they are in different classes

Of course, there is no reason that you have to do so either

Ok. I didn’t know he wasn’t 100%. I’ll take your word for now. I’ll still choose Amauri by default though lol.

I thought Ethan Henderson was the future after I watched him his freshman year too. Players can regress. Especially after injuries

Athletically Ethan is there. He’ll continue to work on his game. Two more years until he and the other Hawks get on campus.

Yeah athletically he is there. You could have said the same thing about Glenn Bryant too though.

Glenn Bryant turned into a pretty solid player who averaged 10 points his last two college seasons at Eastern Michigan.

As did Jacorey Williams.

People grow as individuals and as players.