Am I reading too much into this?

Noticed 2 things today.

First, when CMA was pulling the seniors out with their own timeout. He does the same thing for Barford. Although Barford doesn’t go down the line to hug all the coaches, he does embrace all the players as he’s going to the bench.

Second, During CMA’s press conference, when asked about the seniors, he said it was a good end for all of them, all 4 of them scored in double figures.

Is Barford possibly planning on leaving after this year? Or, am I reading too much into the substitution and CMA just misspoke?

I didn’t hear the post game comments, but I really didn’t think that, I thought Mike was just getting Holmes in because the crowd wanted him. If he does leave, I think it’ll be a mistake

Barford leaving early wiuld be a big blow to us.

But I would hate it more for him as so many kids who come out early just don’t last long in league if at all.

That said I hope just reading into what Mike was doing.

Yea true, he isn’t on any draft boards. I would assume he’d be back, but like I said I noticed those 2 things, my best guess would be he would be back though, because he has so much more to gain by playing another year. He’d be going overseas for sure if he left after this year. And next year, it’s looking like he would be the best player on the team and possibly average close to 20 PPG. He’s been killing it as of late.

But, when we’ve had guys like Marshawn Powell, BJ Young, and Michael Qualls who all left when it was clear they should have stayed, it’s always in the back of your mind as a hog fan.

I agree about Powell and Young, but Qualls was getting noticed, then the ACL tear just killed any chance. However, I’ve said before (I believe Portis should have returned for monetary reasons, but I understand his reason for leaving), there is someone hanging around the team and talking to these guys. I thought I knew who it was, but he quit being relevant when Malik said KY.

Well with Qualls, some mock drafts didn’t even have him listed and the one’s that did had him as a mid-late second rounder. To me, Qualls made the biggest mistake of them all. Because he could have came back and probably been a SEC player of the year candidate with Portis gone and with his athleticism definitely could have increased his stock and probably been a late first/early second round pick. Powell, was probably the most understandable, his stock was about as high as it was going to get, and he was already an older player coming off a season ending knee injury, plus he had already graduated.

Barford isn’t getting drafted this season. At least I would find it highly unlikely. However, if he improves his handle and jump shot over the summer, he could work his way into the draft next year. Without any fear that I am giving in to self-interest, I believe it would be both to the benefit of the University and Jaylen that he return for his senior season.

Agree on that. I could see Barford turning himself into a draft pick. He has an NBA PG body right now. 6’3, strong frame, athletic, and can really attack the basket. He works on his ball handling and shooting for next year, he’ll definitely get an opportunity. He kinda reminds me of a less athletic Russell Westbrook the way he’s so quick and can get to the rim and finish through contact.

comments: perhaps over reacting, however if this team runs deep into the NCAA possibly finial four and he has an outstanding tournament, don’t be surprise if he is contacted by pro-scouts.

There is the pre-draft evaluation that will let him know where, if at all, he falls in the draft.

On the sub, he was just trying to get Holmes in.

As for the PC, I guarantee he misspoke

Yea, that’s what I was thinking as well.

He isn’t on the NBA’s radar for this year’s draft. DraftExpress, by far the best NBA draft site, doesn’t have him listed among its top 75 juniors in the nation. They haven’t updated that particular list since Valentine’s Day, so it’s possible he could move into it, but he still hasn’t had a good enough year to get onto any draft boards.

I wonder if he’s actually 6-3. Because of his size, he’ll have to play PG at the next level and to do so he’ll need to become a better distributor. He’ll have to work on his jumper and being more efficient. Obviously he has physical tools that will help him.

As good as Jaylen is, he has gotten better as the season progressed. In the early season, he turned the ball over quite frequently. Now not so much. He is taking better care of the ball. Remember the traveling calls on his spin move in the post? Either the officials got it right or he improved. I choose to believed he worked on the move.
Jaylen seems more comfortable in the role as scorer rather than distributor. Jimmy mentioned that in his commentary.
The coach that I believe is making a difference with the Guards is Lee Mayberry. Dusty mentioned that Lee worked with him to improve his overall game. I believe that Jaylen, Daryl and CJ will have even better seasons next year after a full off-season with the staff.
I hope that Jaylen and Daryl move onto next year’s draft radar. They seem like great people and are deserving of the opportunity.

Lee does a great job with them. I know he helped tweak Dusty’s shot through a lot of work in the year he sat out after transferring. I’d wanted to do a story about Lee and how he helps player development, but he’s such a laid-back, humble guy that he doesn’t want the attention.

It’ll be interesting to see how much longer he’s here. I know he wants to become an assistant somewhere. Was close to winding up at ORU with the Suttons last year.

Any chance Watkins retires and Lee becomes a full time assistant? Or is TJ actively trying to get a HC job somewhere?

Would like to know this as well.

Dudley would know better than me on those 2.

I always thought CMA was grooming Lee to eventually become an assistant here.

im more worried about who might be recruiting cj to transfer.