Am I assuming correctly that Women's Exib. game tonight

will have no coverage much like the men’s game?

What a pile of crap if true.

Live stats available on the GameDay app. I won’t miss the "analyst commentary " if it would be coming from the same dude who was on the North Texas exhibition radio broadcast.

Also available on if he’s on a laptop or desktop instead of his phone. Open web site, click on WBB, then schedule, then under Ft Smith, click on “live stats”.

currently, 16-5 Arkansas at 6:15 of 1st qtr.

Based on minutes played , it looks like the starters were:

Davis, Barnum, Goforth, Ramirez, and Daniels. reserves so far - Wolfenbarger, Langerman, Ellis.

Leading scorers with 4 min. in the first left are Ramirez - 8 pts and Goforth with 7 points.

score now - 24-7 Hogs.

Quick update: 93-46 Lady Razorbacks after 3rd qtr.

A few notes:
Goforth and Ramirez each with 14 points in 18 minutes
Wolfenbarger with 8 points and 8 boards in 12 minutes. 6 of the rebounds were offensive!
Daniels with 5 assists and 6 steals.
Team’s hit 40% of their 3s - Ramirez with 4 of 8.

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Final score 114-55. Five Hogs in double figures, led by Sasha Goforth with 17. Jersey went for 8 and 9. Erynn Barnum also had 8 points and 9 boards, as Hogs won the boards 51-40.

Two games that count next week in BWA before the trip to UConn. Which still has Christyn Wiliams from Little Rock, although she’s been overshadowed by Paige Bueckers and now Azzi Fudd.

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