Am I a fool to think Muss has one more big man with an offensive game -------------

------------------ coming from the portal? I see an abundance of talent in the small forwards and guards on next year’s team, but when it comes to defending in the paint, banging with the other sides big men, and forcing the other side to collapse on a big who can then kick out for an open three, Jaylin Williams just does not seem enough. When he needs a rest, gets injured, or gets in foul trouble, can we get away with only having an all guard lineup? I can see that working for a game or two, but not all season. I can see teams with inside depth (MSU, A&M, etc.) just sacrificing a man or two to get Williams in foul trouble and out of the game. Maybe I am still not over the nighmare of LSU playing volleyball on our offensive boards over and over until they finally scored two season ago. I keep thinking he has a secret committ coming in from Australia, Sweden, etc. but time is running out on that wishful thinking.

Don’t give up yet, Hogmodo.

We still have CV and Kamani. It’s not like JWill is the only tall guy we have. CV isn’t good on the pick and roll but he can play interior defense and grab rebounds.

Kamani is a small power forward and CV is just an extra long small forward. He will block some shots for sure but, unless he adds a lot of size and strength, he is just too thin and weak to not get banged around inside. If CV could perfect his jump hook and be a threat to score inside each time he gets the ball, then he could be that kick out for an open three guy we need. That would all be a huge jump for him and, so far, he has not made a lot of progress each year on that.

Muss may very well add another big to play 4-5, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t, or possibly even add another 6’6"- 6’7" swing player. I get the impression that fans want a big more than Muss does. I think he wants to play positionless basketball and the 3 bigs mentioned may be sharing one spot on the floor.

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I’m no coach and I won’t dare imply that I know HIS team better than him but if we have hopes of going further, a roster with Williams and an unproven (and undersized) Johnson as your bigs is asking for trouble against big, physical teams. One or both will get in foul trouble.
Furthermore, there’s a reason Vanover’s court time dwindled in latter part of SEC play and postseason play.

I’d be surprised if CV averages more than 8 minutes a game next year.

we didn’t lose to Baylor because of bigs. We lost to baylor because we our guards weren’t as big and athletic as their guards. Beat Baylor and we may have cut down the nets.


I’m not talking about last year! I’m talking about this coming season!
Our “bigs” (Smith & Williams) combined to go 9-14 fgs and 10 rbs against Baylor. That’s a pretty good showing. That effort helped to keep us in the game because their guards/wings outplayed ours.
That’s my point tho. We only return Williams from that game. I personally don’t think Williams and an unknown, undersized Johnson is enough.

All us Razorback hawg-ball fans sure have some good, legit wheel-turning questions and possibilities concerning this up and coming season.
Do you not think our pepsi-drinking master-mind BB Coach is probably about 10 or more steps ahead of all of us? WPS!


Honestly, I think the coaching staff got caught a bit off guard with having 2 bigs enter the portal and one request a release from his NLI. I kinda suspect the staff wishes Ethan Henderson would’ve stuck around for one more season.

I don’t think they were one bit surprised by anything that happened. In fact, I’m pretty sure they put a lot those departures in motion themselves. Muss didn’t lose anything he can’t upgrade. Again, we still have 2 spots left.

One more thing. College basketball is a guards game, and has been for a long time. Muss has quietly assembled maybe the best stable of guards in the country. Bigs take longer to develop, so I get why Muss might be taking his time to find the right fit. If I’m not mistaken, we got Justin Smith last year in June, and he only ended up being the best power forward we have had since Corliss.


How much stronger can JWill com back next year? And CV? Obviously I’m talking different sports, but Christian Franklin is a beast this year compared to his freshman season. We have a bunch of young players who can come back with the ability to go at it much more so than the past season. Can’t wait. (CV needs it the most, big secret)

I think J Will is gonna be a monster next year, and nobody seems to mention Kamani. He was not a cursory pick up. The dude can play, and he has a very high motor. His brother was a 5 star that went to Kentucky (spit). As far as Conner, that is completely up to him. His skill set is very, very good. How bad does he want it, and can he put on good weight and strength? The fact that he is still here indicates to me that Muss thinks he can still help us.

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But your saying the same thing. The issue wasn’t the bigs. It was the guards. Our bigs are good enough to win. Or they are enough!

Jeremy, I agree that Williams will be a quality big man in the SEC. He has good skills for a young big man. Kemani Johnson sounds like he is a power forward similar to a great opponent in our past. I don’t think that anyone said that Larry Johnson was too short as he schooled the Hogs in Barnhill Arena. He famously told Nolan that he needed to get him some “men” and Kamani fills that void.

I think that Muss knows he can always play small ball if his bigs get in foul trouble. In fact, I believe he will play a good bit of small ball during the non conference schedule. His team has a wealth of outstanding guards and they will be able to speed up the game against bigger but slower teams. They should have enough 3 point shooters that at least 2 or 3 will be hot.

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We aren’t saying the same thing! Smith and Williams weren’t enough to get us over the hump.
Now, Smith is gone. If Johnson is his replacement, then we are not getting over the hump. Johnson is an undersized, under the rim player with little skill set. He did not fare will against MS St or Memphis (the only two “big” schools he’s gone against.
More inside length is a need in my opinion. And no, I ain’t talking ‘bout Vanover!

I respectfully disagree. I believe they were caught somewhat off guard with so many frontcourt departures. Still like this coaching staff a lot.

Justin Smith better than Derek Hood? Interesting.

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I think JWill will average 8-10 pts and 6-7 rebs per game next season.

A nice improvement over his frosh stats.

But a monster? Come on now.

People’s expectations for JWill are way too high for next season.

Unfair to the kid imo.

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