Always said women get better with age

:shock: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

I wouldn’t like to be in the editors shoes right now.

A little like Trump’s “smocking gun”

That’s what I was thinking. Someone is going to get a stern talkin’ to.

Tulsa World headline about Tulsa Driller Chris Colon hitting homer against Travelers:

Colon blast subdues Travs

Clay that’s funny.

I can see how it would…

I had a friend tell me, and he swore it was true, that in a small town he lived in many years ago, the local high school football team had a star named Peters. Before the biggest game of the year the star got hurt, so the local paper ran a headline on the sports page that said “Game To Be Played With Peters Out”.

He said it was a sell out…

After reading that headline all I can hear in my pea sized brain is a Beavis and Butthead laugh…on a loop!!!

I didn’t write the headline. The guy who did wasn’t sure why anyone thought it was funny. The guy’s name wasn’t pronounced like your lower stomach area.

When I was at the Daily Democrat in Bentonville … story about the disciplinary crackdown by new County Sheriff Don Townsend … I saw the headline atop Page 1 only after proofs came back from the press:

“Townsend’s Firmness Is Felt”

Yup. That was bad.