Alvaro Ortiz made the cut

… at the Masters. WTG! and WPS!

Not official until everyone finishes tonight (top 70 or everyone within 10 shots of the lead, whichever is more, make the cut) but right now he’s seven shots back so it’s looking very, very good. Andrew Landry, who is one shot ahead of Ortiz with seven holes to play, is also looking like he’ll be back tomorrow barring a back-nine collapse.

Top 50 and those within 10 shots.

You’re right, but the 10-shot part makes both of them pretty safe.

The Masters use to be top 40, then top 44, and about 5-7 years ago they went to top 50. I think they always had the 10 shot rule.

The Masters didn’t have a cut until 1957, but since then they’ve had the 10-shot rule. The other majors have all had the 10-shot rule at some point, but all have dropped it except the Masters.

Ortiz at even par and Landry at +1 are both safely within the top 50, never mind the 10-shot rule. They’ll be around tomorrow.

When I posted the OP, Ortiz had just been interviewed and received congratulations for making the cut. They opined that he was well within the cut line.

Which he is. Although with a weather delay now, they may not actually make the cut until tomorrow morning.

One Eldrick T. Woods birdied 11 and has a very short birdie putt on 12 when play resumes which would put him within two shots of the lead.

Always in my lifetime, which didn’t start until 1958, lol.

Mine started in '60 so ditto here.

one back for low am: … asters-cut

Winning the low-Am would be a giant step in his career… helps with sponsors and other tournament perks.

heard he was going pro today? runner up low am is impressive: … e-masters/

Yes, Jim Nantz mentioned yesterday that Ortiz would be turning pro today. Also mentioned that he is a Hog. Always nice to get some pub for our golf programs, as happened last week with Maria Fassi at the women’s event at Augusta.

Looks like Mexico is a big recruiting area for Arkansas golf. Like it. Women’s soccer could benefit too. Less expensive than going to Germany.

Ortiz missed a put on 18 that cost him a stroke. Making the cut was an accomplishment in itself. He played a tough course really well