Alumni verification?

I have been pestered by our alumni association to call and “verify” my current information–very important, they said!

I ignored it three times and then decided to call. As you might have imagined, the whole thingy is to sell me an alumni book for two easy payments of $179.99, if I remember correctly.

I have seen “who’s who” books in shelves of folks I visited and found that those persons, while their grades and activities on campus were not spectacular, were so flattered to be in a who’s who book they paid the price to purchase one. ha!

I wasn’t interested in paying over $300 for the book. But if you get these notifications, this is what is going on.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ve gotten these “very important” messages from other groups, including “Who’s Who.” Like you, I’d rather keep the money.

Thanks for sharing. I remember the last time they did this I could not get off of the phone when they called to “verify.” I figure it was the same this time around.

Nobody except loved ones and family are taking their time to call or contact you unless they want to sell you

Haven’t bothered to open their email. They must know how to reach me and all it is is a money grab. I will support the UofA when they are straight up and don’t play these games. Every time they try these stunts, I become less likey to give them anything.

It is a 3rd party company verifying our alumni information & using that as an opportunity to sell an expensive book of alumni names & information. Received emails & phone calls for both the frat & for the UofA. It’s a hard sales job from someone unwilling to accept “NO”. I should have followed my instincts of not taking a phone call from an unknown #.

I doubt it’s the UA. It’s some private contractor who is trying to sell something like an alumni directory after having bought the alumni roster from the assn. When I get a call from the UA or the Razorback Foundation, they identify themselves up front & tell me what they want.

I think the only call Jim answers these days from the 479 is mine. Ha.

I called because I received several emails—-major mistake…I knew something was wrong when I was told non-grads we’re going to be included in the publication. I politely declined…

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I’ve been ignoring the emails and the post cards.

DFW is correct. I’ve gotten calls/emails from both UA and Louisiana Tech (have degrees from both)with the same spiel. I’m personal friends with alumni director at Tech and asked her about it. The school sells the database to 3rd party for certain amount of money then get a % of the final sales amount. Without doing all the calls. I’d rather give money directly to the school instead of another useless book. Just call alumni association and directly donate instead of this mess.

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