Alumni Association events in Fort Collins

Check this out: 2018 Razorback Events in Fort Collins

The deadline for registration is August 27.

(Thanks to Colorado Hog for the reminder to post this.)

I hate to be a whiney baby and go against anything the U of A does but $50 per person for 2 hours of tailgating is just too high. Blah. My crew and I will be going to one of the awesome brew pubs near the stadium for pregame “tailgating”. And maybe I’m also a whiner about this but those Alumni events are so lame and boring. Probably just me though.

Are these brew pubs walking distance to the stadium? Or leave there and park? Any tips on parking for the game? I also thought the $50 was a little high. Haven’t been to a lot of these but the one at Rutgers a few years ago was mediocre food at best, and lukewarm beer that kept running out.

Got this from the CSU staff earlier this year:

Hi Rick,

We are excited to have you and your friends attend the game in September! Unfortunately, all of our on campus tailgating lots are sold out on a season basis. The day-of-game lot off of Prospect Road does not allow tailgating, and is just solely for parking. If you are looking to tailgate, we suggest finding a lot off of campus where you could set up your tailgate.

We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to hosting Arkansas in the fall!

Thanks, and Go Rams!

There are several restaurants and brew pubs within a mile of the stadium. Not sure about leaving your car at those locations. There are public parking areas off campus. If you get in that parking lot off of Prospect early, you can easily walk to several locations around the stadium. My group plans on pre-gaming at Black Bottle Brewery which is .5 miles from the south entrance to the stadium. Looks like a nice place. Plus, I would BET that Arkansas fans’ tailgating will completely take Fort Collins by surprise. With kickoff at what, 5:30 MT, I think we’ll probably start “pregaming/tailgating” around noon. My guess is that CSU folks will start going to the restaurant/bars around 2 or 3. I would bet that if they came to Fayetteville for a 6 pm game and saw how everyone is tailgating at 10 AM, they would flip out. :smiley:

Also, for those interested, there is a Wild Boar Cafe about 2 blocks from the stadium as well. Seems like the appropriate place to have breakfast Saturday morning!

Totally agree.

Got my tickets today and while I was looking for a stadium seating chart to see how bad they are I came across this:

Probably a little steep for my party of 6, but thought I’d post if for those looking for options.