Altman in some hot water at Oregon

Oregon has contended that “Run Away Screaming” Dana didn’t know one of his players was being investigated for a possible rape. Well it turns out old Dana knew the whole thing, very early, including a flurry of phone calls from his cellphone in the first 48 hours after UO learned about the investigation (no charges were filed, by the way).


Please let this have some legs.

I’ve watched several Oregon games the last few seasons for the sole reason of rooting against Altman.

He had every right to pass on our job offer. But to do what he did was inexcusable. Yes - I’ve heard the stories that he found out it was ‘worse than he thought’ once he got here. But that’s on him, for not doing his due diligence BEFORE he accepted the job. Personally, I’ve always felt that was a cop-out, anyhow. You could just look at he and his family during the introduction and tell they just didn’t buy in.

I have no respect for him at all! He’s a liar!


My understanding was that he was run off by John White. John was actively attempting to undermine and diminish Frank Broyles. Frank hired Dana. John didn’t want Frank doing his job (hiring coaches). Frank left town for Augusta. John spent a little QT with Dana. Dana changes his mind and resigns the next day. John seized his opportunity and hired a “search firm” to hire the next coach (kind of like the “search committee he imposed to give us HDN) which, after many sputters along the way, dredged up a rising star in John Pelphrey. Hurray!!

Hard to blame Dana for leaving a place where the boss of the guy who hired him is actively undermining that’s same guy. Don’t blame him one bit. Blame John White a lot.

(Just for a little further context… After getting a search committee to give us HDN, running off Altman, a search firm to give us Pelphrey, running off Gary Blair so he could go win a NC at TAM, extended Nolan’s contract the year before he fired him, etc… John White’s last great move was to slip Jeff Long past the BOT. Nightmare finally over.)