Although I have been over TX

for a long time. Can’t think of a better way to start The College World Series than by completely trashing them.

Never a doubt! WPS!

I don’t think I’ll ever be over Texas. Too many heartbreaks.

This win was sweet.

It’s doubly sweet because its Texas, but the most important thing is that we won our first game. It’s almost impossible to win out of the losers bracket. But Tuesday’s game is just as important. I think UF is better than TT, but either one will be tough to beat. We are 2-2 against UF this season & 1-0 against TT.

I am glad we saved Cronin & Reindl today. Loseke did well for a while after the delay, but he was clearly spent by the end. I doubt he’ll be available until well into next week.

There’s never anything better than beating Texas! I wish it would have been a shutout! Those people think they are better than everyone else. There’s one thing that would be sweet for us to win Tuesday and get them in the again in the bracket final! Beating them twice would really be sweet!

I’d prefer they go slinking out of town Wednesday after a two-and-Q performance.

Well you do have a valid point! 2 and gone would also be nice to see. Maybe we could get a chance to see Texas Tech twice. They are from Texas and it wouldn’t be the same as beating the burnt orange they would do!

K. Clemens, 2B 5 0 1 0 0 2k I particularly liked this line - absolutely throttled him! :smiley:

They talk so much and then get butt hurt if anyone bows up to them. They’re so fragile. I really enjoyed kicked the fire out of them.

Nice win against an over-rated opponent. Yawn. :lol: Looks like we are peaking at the right time. Van Horn is a genius. Give that man a big raise. JMVVVVVHO.