Alternate view on the LSU -Iowa game

That the woofing and taunting is good for women’s basketball.

I think this has elevated women’s game. Fans now know that women’s games are played and fought with same passion, drama and yes trash talk as men’s games. Who doesn’t like to talk trash other than some!

Never been big on it because my mom would’ve jerked a knot in my head if I brought attention to myself when I played sports.

My way of thinking on this stuff is going out the window. I see videos of 5 to 8 years olds mimicking some of the stuff they see in college and the NBA and I’m not a fan.

Clark and Reese don’t need to bring attention to themselves because their play does it. I don’t get it.


I’m with you on this…on both of your points.

I don’t like it or understand it.

But I DO understand that what guys like you and I “understand/like” are becoming less and less relevant in today’s world.

Just the way it is.

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While you are not wrong, it is not the way it has to be. Seems many of us had our attitudes shaped/influenced by our parents. Unfortunately, today’s parents are often not the most influential players in too many young people’s lives.

It can be fun. On the rare occasions that I do something worthy of puffing my chest out, I’ll just tell my younger baller brethren " yall better figure out a way to stop me. There’s nuthin worse than a cocky old man talkin trash". Probably the biggest trash talker I play with, is also my favorite.

Last summer I walked into McDonalds one morning, and this kid was eating breakfast with his football buddies after their morning practice. He yelled out my name and told everyone in there, " that old man will whip everyone of yall’s a$$'s on the baketball court!


I guess I am the “some.” I don’t like it, and it matters not if it is woman’s game or men’s game. Do I think it will stop? NO.

I just have never liked it. I didn’t play basketball. I played football in Jr. High and High School (no further). I was a lineman. No more than 2 or so feet away from the guy across from me. There was NEVER any trash talk. My coaches would have jerked any of us out in a second if we had started that. Probably have been a flag for unsportsmanship as well. If it was after the game? Been running laps or doing ups and downs until I puked come Monday.

I guess I am just old school (and old!).

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Increasing incivility.

I agree with you 100%, Richard. Dean Smith and myriad other gentlemen coaches agreed with you. My Dad agreed with you 1000%.

My ONLY exception is that if it is done among friends, with a good sense of humor, and is done to elicit laughs and not denigrate an opponent, I can handle that.When Larry Bird was in the locker room before the NBA three point contest and said “Ok, which one of you a-holes is going to finish second?”, it was pretty good natured. Most of the stuff Muhammad Ali said before fights was not only pretty funny it was done to promote the fight. But most trash talk before a game is not only bad sportsmanship, it is stupid, it only fires up the opponent. And trash talk afterward, in the face of the loser, is even worse sportsmanship. Let your game speak for itself. And be gracious to your opponent and humble in victory. Although it’s fine to be excited you won, as long as you don’t rub it in someone’s face. Unless it’s Kentucky :smile:. Ok, just kidding. Kinda.

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I my opinion, that is fun among friends, not trash talking.

Who hasn’t talked trash playing sandlot basketball or football against their friends or a rival? It’s gone on forever in every sport. I just don’t think it’s a big deal, i mean Larry Bird is known as one of the biggest trash talkers ever, and could back up everything he said. It’s just become a bigger deal lately because camera’s and mic’s are closer to the courts/fields, and the players are mic’d half the time.

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I know verbal trash talking has always been part of the game as long as it doesn’t get too crazy with profanity and talking about mommas. That’s when the referees step in.

I can see the NCAA cracking down on hand gestures directed at other players. It’s not good for the game and the situation can blow up and cause a confrontation.

Trash talk on the court, not a fan but okay with it. Trash talk after the game about opponent, that’s just trash.

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