Also, the pitching staff

Do you think we see DVH trim it down now on the weekends? I’ve already seen enough of some guys.

Seem to be 7 strong: Pallette, Lockhart, Vermillion, Wiggins, Kopps, Adams, Trest.

3 vets that should still be reliable, but have struggled: Noland, Bolden, Wicklander.

After that? Maybe on some small-school midweek games, but those 10 are the only ones who should see the weekend mound IMO.

Ramage has really disappointed me so far

I think the ones you mentioned first will be the weekend guys. Noland, Wicklander and Bolden have been iffy. It kinda looked like tryouts a little last night. Didn’t see too many pass tryouts. Wiggins probably gets extended soon.

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Bolden has been fine in relief. I don’t know if this is the case with him, but some pitchers are just better as relievers because they just react. You might have five minutes to think about coming into a game instead of a week.

Remember those two years when Wes Johnson was the pitching coach? :sunglasses:

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