Also need better

players. We can put it on the X’s and O’s but we need better players. If Macon, Barford or Gafford were off we struggled. I believe the offense is stagnant because we haven’t had a PG since Durham graduated. Beard has been inconsistent his whole career here. The PF position has been bad all year also. So off the bat there are two positions that CMA got little to no production from. We’ll see if that changes next year.

It was thought by most that CJ Jones would pick up a lot of the scoring slack. Just did not happen.

Yes, he masked those weaknesses a good portion of the games. Just didn’t work on Thursday

You said “Beard has been inconsistent…” You are being very nice. I would say something entirely different. I don’t care who takes his spot next year. I feel we will be better at that position. So glad he is graduating and moving on.

Agree… he’s actually been very consistent, but that equates to an average at best (at his very best actually) d-1 guard. I won’t dog him any more than that, and I appreciate the grit he always played with. But I expect his spot to be upgraded next year.

Losing Macon and Barford will hurt, and obviously if Gafford goes we will be woefully undersized in most matchups. But, if Gafford does come back, I think the roster will be stronger from top to bottom than it was this year. My biggest question, who’s going to take over that alpha role? Especially at guard…

don’t really any X’s and O’s have never seen CMA draw up a play in TO’s just talks to them…Players would help no doubt but they are going to play the system they are taught .plain and simple

Don’t necessarily need someone to take over the alpha role. We need them to mesh and play together as a team.