Already a delay

The Mississippi State-North Carolina game has been pushed back 15 minutes because of heavy rain overnight and this morning. I will be surprised if Arkansas plays today based on the forecast, the two games scheduled ahead of the Razorbacks’ game and the length of the games this week.

So does an extra day help us or Tech or both? I assume more rest means more arms available for both teams.

I see no way extra rest is more beneficial to TT than us. Our best vs. their best wins. Plus, maybe it’s not about TT but rather the next game and how that got pushed to 5 days instead of 4 from the first game.

baseball is such a rhythm game that these delays are going to cause some inconsistency at the plate for someone at somepoint. Just hope the Hogs handle it better than the others.

The bullpens will be really fresh one way or the other. Now later in the week, it might get real interesting on bullpen depth unless the storms keep winning each day anyway.

I would not be surprised if Blaine Knight is ready to pitch again in Game 3, which might get pushed back all the way to Friday!

If Arkansas beats Texas Tech its third game will be Friday. If it loses, its third game will be Thursday.

I don’t think Blaine Knight would pitch in that game regardless. The goal is to keep things here as routine as possible, part of which would be to keep the rotation the same. If Arkansas is in an elimination game Saturday, then maybe Knight is called upon. I don’t think he will be beforehand.

That’s my thinking. Campbell goes in game 3, whether it’s Thursday or Friday. That sets up Blaine for either the game to get to the final or the first game of the final.

i despise rain but if we end not playing today that just gives our bullpen another day of rest and that’s big IMO

That’s not the way I see it. Our bullpen, right now, doesn’t need any rest. No one besides the starter (Knight) went more than 1.2 innings (Loseke) and I’ll bet he could throw tonight if we needed him to - for maybe an inning or so.

What not playing today would probably do is compress our bullpen (potentially, depending on how the games play out) going forward in the CWS, because there would be less time/rest between games than is scheduled at this point.

I’m mainly thinking about Loeske who dominated TT we we played them…he threw a ton of pitches when he wasn’t in the game and needs another day IMO

I don’t necessarily think it is ideal to throw Loseke against Texas Tech because those batters have seen him. Typically the more a batter sees a pitcher, the better it hits him.

well I was saying that becasue they were not even competitive against him and that was 2 months ago.I wouldn’t be surprised to see him throw but with Reindl all rested he may go.

I agree. I don’t think our pen is really that taxed at this point. I’ve got to think that Cronin will likely get into the game against Tech, depending on how the game plays out, and I’d rather have him available for a two-inning save on Friday. Easier for him to do that pitching on Tuesday than on Wednesday. He’s certainly plenty rested for tonight.

The South Carolina players talked about how they hit Murphy better at the SEC Tournament because they had seen him in Fayetteville. There were six or seven weeks between those games.

Maybe Murphy can hit his spots and get some ground balls and pop ups. If he keeps the ball out of the middle of the plate I think he will be fine!

Loseke only threw 36 pitches Sunday, and he’s had a full day or rest between games. He’s done that on Friday, skipped Saturday, and come back Sunday probably 5 or 6 times this year. And, he’s also thrown a lot more than 36 pitches at times, so I don’t think that amount will require anything special in the way of rest for him.

I’m pretty sure he’s available if needed tonight, and we should expect to see his best if he gets in.