Almost non-competetive

Against Abel

Making us look silly

that recapitulates what DVH just said in the interview, tone from DVH sounded resigned… No fire anywhere in the AR lineup or dugout

DVH hardly ever shows any fire…just who he is.

I thought they would show up today with the bats. But so far, that’s far from the case. I keep hoping they wake up, but they are waiting around too long.

I think it’s just a function of excellent pitching. Our offense is too good for all of them just to hit a slump all at once.

No question about it.

But our pitchers haven’t been bad, they just have been a good offensive team.

So far we’ve been outplayed in all 3 games, and still had a chance to take it home.

They better wake up right now.

I’m not sure we were outplayed last night. They out hit us, but they only scored two runs through 8 2/3 innings. The night before they only scored one run. Knight had their number. Their pitching the first night was very good, too, but their team made several mistakes. Tonight though? They’re clearly the better team. Better hitting, better pitching. The 4-0 lead through 6 reflects that.

I say they’ve outplayed us, mainly due to their offensive showing up and it’s not. We’ve struggled to hit the ball in all 3 games, but we’re able to keep the score low in the first two. We’ve benefited from some momentum plays, and played efficiently on defense. But the bats just have never showed up. A lot has to do in my mind with some of the young guys not being ready for the show, but at the same time or seniors have been non existent.

We lost our Natty last night by not catching an easy pop up.

This game was so predictable … :cry:

Yes. It was. That’s the reason nearly every poster on the board today almost as much as conceded it. I tried my best to be positive, but I knew last night we’d blown our shot.

We did everything we needed to do in the first 3 games. We won our bracket. They had to come through the losers bracket & used up their pitchers. Then we had the Monday rainout to give them a pitching reprieve. Then despite poor hitting, we won the first game & led the second through 8 2/3 inning. Then that play.

Couple that with our depleted BP & an absolutely brilliant performance by their guy, there was just no way we could overcome it. Our players had to have tossed and turned all night pondering the “might have beens.”

This beaver team is the best college team I’ve seen
Al their runs come with 2 outs.
They hit the ball hard and rarely strike out.
And they can pitch like crazy.

But you still said it right earlier. We were completely done when that ball dropped last night. It was easy to see the this coming tonight.