Almost No Discussion About Playing Liberty

Come on guys…we’re playing the #23 team in the country.

We need wins against top 25 teams and this is a huge opportunity. I also think it’s going to be a great window into seeing if our defense is improving.


These guys are not a pushover whatsoever. I think we are going to have to play a clean, minimal turnover game to win.

This is one of those games where the opponent’s ability vastly exceed its reputation. Games like this aren’t very appealing. If we win we probably won’t get the credit we got from beating BYU even though Liberty easily beat BYU. Most of us were excited to play Penn St in the bowl last year even though they were not nearly as good as their history. Games like this are dangerous. Fans can afford to take the game lightly, but the players can’t. It will probably be a struggle, but I still think we win by 12+ points.

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I think our offense is pretty good. So, I’m thinking this should be right.

Our hogs will score plenty of points to win. I hope and to see how effective the defense can be. Just a few stops. Liberty will show up ready to play. Our hogs need to pull away and take the fight out of them! This game can build confidence for our hogs and help build the mojo headed into the LSU game.
Hogs roll by plenty.

One of key matchups is middle of Arkansas line (Stromberg, Latham and Limmer) against MLB Smith and NG Osagiede. Those are really good players. NG has six sacks.

Just a gut feeling. With their QB situation I think we shut them down and win going away…

Is there a podcast?

We must channel our inner authoritarian and crush Liberty. I’m not suggesting we deny them their lives. I do however, think that we should seriously impede their pursuit of happiness. Hoping Barry O turns up the heat on their young QB.

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Expect Hogs to win by 10+

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Coming tomorrow morning.

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I agree after just reading about their current QB problems.

I just noticed that Liberty had last week off. That’s got to benefit them some at least.

I kinda think Arkansas playing at Auburn, and completely besting Auburn is a better thing. My view is that the more our offense gets to play the more they’re getting tuned and improving. Our 520 yards against Aubie, in Auburn is huge - it easily could have been closer to 600 yards.

I have a hard time thinking Liberty is better than Auburn…or what Auburn’s talent could be.

They are winning. Auburn is not. There is a reason they fired their coach. They made so many errors. When you are losing, the errors just keep coming. Liberty is not making those same missed assignment errors.

Nailed it.


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