Almost need to play iron man special teams

Our special teams is trash. Personnel or scheme who knows? Hate to say it, but I’d put some starters out there. Don’t know what else to do. This score is far worse tonight because of the toxic effort by special teams.

Got to agree. Total breakdowns

I would bet the mortgage that there will be more and more starters on the special teams. Has to be.

After the game Coach Morris said they try to play as many starters as they can.
I would be shocked if in the next 48 hours the coaches haven’t broken down the special teams film and change some personnel.

Why isn’t Jarod Barnes playing on special teams?

We are getting killed in the field position battle. I don’t see how that will change if we don’t find a kicker. Those wounded duck 35 yard punts aren’t going to get it. I can’t remember Auburn ever having a bad punter and don’t know all the particulars how year after year they are so good.