Almost every single time

I click on an article at the top of the page after I read about 3 lines it switches to this amazon ad or something. Then I close that, reclick on the article, about halfway through it says page reloading or something like that. Hard to read articles on this site. I am on my iPhone

This webpage reloaded because a problem occurred. Job st happened and that was the exact message

It’s happening to me too.

Just like before except this time it’s Amazon not google.

Same deal. Annoying.

Happening to me too. I don’t like it. Making me nervous about malware etc.

Don’t you guys worry. Technicians have been working on this well discussed problem since before Christmas. Have patience. It’ll be fixed.

You’re just starting this thread to be starting a new thread, or to get your post count up. (sarcasm)

Two days ago it started doing this. When I click on an article I get the request to sign in, register. When I click to sign in it goes back to the home page and I repeat the process. I can read the posts but not the articles.


I’ve sent this thread to IT. They thought they had it under control. I’ll talk with them first thing in the morning.

The good news is on my Android I have won numerous prizes by using it and going to this site. :smiley:

It is a pain to get out of and it locks my phone up so I don’t try anymore

Matt and IT,

I had this issue a few weeks back. It started on ESPN. Then when it quit doing it on there, it moved to WholeHog, when it seems y’all fixed it on here it started on CBS. I don’t know if it’s a specific person going back and forth, like me, dragging something, or if it’s bouncing back and forth on the sites, and when y’all update and another site doesn’t it attaches and comes back. I don’t know if y’all can check each of the users to see if we have something attached or can contact the other IT departments to see if they have something attached, but maybe that’s the way to fix it?

By the way the RPIforecast is doing it now. Or was yesterday.

This is an industrywide problem that is affecting publishers everywhere. As you mentioned, it is even the bigger sites. We have some firewalls in place that has minimized the issue, but obviously not completely taken it away.

I’ve noticed it gets worse when there is an update for my iPad or iPhone and I haven’t done it. Maybe Apple is involved (wouldn’t put it past them)

It happens to me on several sites. Maddening but, at least for me, it’s not isolated to WSS.

I’m just wondering what’s going to happen next month when net neutrality goes away. I’d be willing to bet sites like WHS are not going to get the best service from the internet providers, which will be a problem for things on this site like the post-practice videos.

Happens me to me also for last week or so. Amazon pop up about winning a gift card or something. I wish someone would fix this.

So far I’ve won about $75,000 in Amazon gift cards. But they refuse to cash them in.

Very frustrating to say the least.

If your using an iphone or ipad, it’s because of the cookies from amazon. You have to go into your settings, then safari, then advanced and turn off Javascript. Cookies and Javascript are the culprits. Problem with doing this is that a lot of pages won’t load, so I’m continually going back and forth turning it on and off. If someone finds a better solution, let us know.

On my laptop I tried clicking on logout when I leave the site and login when I access the site and it worked. I can now read the stories, etc. I had been having problems for about a month before…

It hasn’t happened to me (knock on wood). I use Adblock Plus with Firefox on my laptop and Purify on my iPhone and iPad.

I thought they were gone. I have to open and close every story at least 3 times because of the Amazon popup. I have all the same stuff as before. Who else is getting these. It’s ridiculous and time consuming.